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HAGOROMO Fulltouch Color Chalk 1 Box [72 Pcs/5 Color Mix]

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  • WELL COATED AND DUST FREE: The only thing worse than chalk breaking in half is getting dust all over your hands and clothes when writing on the board or drawing on the sidewalk. All Hagoromo chalks are well coated to prevent hands from coming into contact with chalk dust when using. Never have to worry about stained, dusty hands when using chalk ever again
  • VIBRANT AND CONCENTRATED: All chalks are highly concentrated in color, are vibrant and have bright color payoff. Great visibility makes it perfect for use in large classrooms or lecture halls. Marks smoothly, creating clear and distinct lines on chalkboards and sidewalks
  • NO MISTAKES: Our chalks erase easily leaving little to no residue on the chalkboard when removed. Chalk can be easily washed from most articles of clothing without leaving any unwanted permanent marks. Chalk generates little dust and fallout minimizing chances of smudging and messes when writing or drawing
  • ECONOMICAL USE: Unlike other chalkboard or sidewalk chalks, Hagoromo chalk is highly dense meaning that their shelf life is longer as it is consumed very slowly due to compression molding, drying system, and special thermal treatments. There is no need to use a lot of chalk to generate vibrant and colorful art, a little goes a long way!
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from high quality natural calcium carbonate, this product is non-toxic and safe for kids and professional use. Every single Hagoromo chalk is packaged and inserted in foam slots one by one to avoid breakage.

Details: Tired of buying new chalk all the time because your old ones keep breaking? Do your hands get dirty due to dust fallout? Are the colors not concentrated enough?

HAGOROMO’s Fulltouch Color Chalk today!

HAGOROMO has been around since 1932 making reliable and vibrant chalk for everyone to use. Known for its great visibility and long-lasting durability,
HAGOROMO chalk is used for many purposes such as lectures in class, drawings on the sidewalk, and even used to teach children and kids in a fun and exciting way!

Fulltouch Chalk is made from calcium carbonate making it non-toxic to human health and safe for everyone to use. Dense in color but light in weight, these chalks draw and run exceptionally smooth all while generating little chalk dust.

A special feature this chalk has is that it is well coated preventing the chalk from cracking or breaking under pressure. In addition, it prevents chalk dust from staining hands.

When packaged, chalks are inserted into Styrofoam slots one by one to avoid breakage when in transit or in storage.

1 x Chalk Box (72 Pcs) — Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow Green

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