In Wall AC Front Cover (3-Layer) Decorative Air Conditioner Sleeve – Universal Indoor Window Conditioning Unit, Insulated Mount Design, 24 & 28 Inch Heavy Duty Panels for Winter House – Sunflower

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  • USA-Made Premium AC Unit Cover: Happy customers tell us our Gerrard Larriett AC covers look great and stop cold air leaks fast; Our All American team avoided the cheap plastics and thin fabrics found on cheap imports, instead they quilted these double-insulated covers to stop drafts and leaks so you can enjoy a comfy, warm room during those harsh winter months
  • Double Insulated Air Conditioner Cover: Don’t let our fun fashion prints and decor-matching fabrics fool you; the first touch will tell you our 3-layer, double insulated AC unit cover is designed for years of comfort and energy savings by blocking air-flow on permanent and window air conditioners – No need for ugly blankets, old towels, or clunky cardboard – a small investment stops your heater from running too much at night to save you money
  • Stay-Put Indoor AC Front Cover: As you check out the pictures you’ll see how our window and in-wall AC cover is designed for standard/medium air conditioner units approximately 24”W x 15”H x 4”D; Our unique Bungee-Band design fits snugly around your indoor AC unit for a snug seal you won’t find in any cheap home-store brand
  • Fast-Fit Cover: Simply slide your Gerrard Larriett AC cover over a corner of your AC, then work your way around to seal out the cold – our Bungee-Band closures give you a fast set up so you can avoid fumbling with clunky tie strings, clips, or cheap elastic bands; In fact, customers who had to remove their heavy window units, or suffer with cold rooms, say our insulated AC cover went on fast and stayed in place
  • Super-Cute Design: Gerrard Larriett is a condo owner who loves the pre-war charm of his historic building, but hated the embarrassment of covering his leaky AC with ugly blankets, so he created fun decor-matching designs for himself and his friends – the result is an air conditioner sleeve cover that looks great in any room; But don’t take our word for it, pick one of our fashion prints or colors and join others who say they’re enjoying fun designs, warmer rooms, and lower energy bills


Happy customers say our double-insulated air conditioner cover stops drafts, saves money, and looks great.

Gerrard Larriett loved the historic charm of his pre-war condo, but hated covering his window air conditioner with ugly blankets. So he began crafting these decor-matching AC covers for himself and for friends.

Many improvements later led to this time-tested design that goes on fast and stays put. Now you can enjoy a comfy, cozy, and warm room during those harsh winter months.

Fashion Prints & Decor Matching Solids

As you check out the pictures you’ll see some of our fun prints along with decor-matching solid colors.

Customers say that our air conditioner covers liven up a room and let them avoid the ugly blankets, old clothing, ratty towels, and clunky cardboard to cover up their window units.

USA-Made 3-Layer Insulated Air Conditioner Cover

Our team of American workers proudly quilts these covers using a rugged 3-layer design of premium fabric, insulation, and batting that will give you years of comfort.

Plus the rugged design and premium materials means your Gerrard Larriett AC decorative cover will stand up to daily use and stop your heater from running too much at night, saving you real money on expensive energy bills.

Fast-Fit AC Front Cover

Our AC cover is designed to slip onto any wall or window indoor AC Unit approximately 24″W x 15″H.

The unique Bungee-Band design lets you easily take the cover on and off as needed.

So, no fumbling with the clunky tie strings, plastic clips, or cheap elastic bands found on those home-store brands.

But don’t take our word for it…

Choose one of our fun decorative AC cover patterns or decor-matching solids for yourself and see what a draft-free room and lower energy bills feels like.

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