Jetkids by Stokke Kids Suitcase and Portable Bed, Blue Sky

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  • Jetkids turns a standard economy seat into a first class children’s seat in five simple steps; universal and fits into most standard economy seats
  • Kids can be pulled along on the spacious carry-on size suitcase, pull it themselves, and even ride on the suitcase; adjustable strap also lets parents carry Jetkids on their shoulder
  • The travel bed for baby and toddler includes blue sky BedBox, mattress and side panels, adjustable strap, and two sheets of decorative stickers
  • Shock-absorbing front swivel wheels give you excellent maneuvering, with a top handle for kids to hold while riding
  • Jetkids suitcase can be used in planes, trains, ferries, or wherever a seat extender is convenient


Get ready for take-off with JetKids BedBox the world’s only premium, blue sky ride-on kids suitcase with an in-flight bed or leg-rest feature.


Ride, Pull or Carry

When you’re moving around a hectic airport, the last thing you want is luggage that delays you. That’s why Jetkids gives you 3 ways to move: pulling the suitcase, carrying the suitcase with an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap, or riding the suitcase.


Ample Storage & Customization

Jetkids isn’t just a toddler travel bed. The unique design also provides practical storage space for all your little one’s must-haves. Our new lid design now opens for additional storage room inside the lid.


Practical Compatibility

Jetkids can be used in planes, trains, ferries or anywhere a seat extender is convenient. The universal portable bed is approved by over 40 airlines, and fits most commercial airline standard economy seats. The ride-on suitcase is for children 3-7 years old, and the bed feature is best suited for children over 2 years old.


Simple Five-Step Set-Up

In five easy steps, a standard economy seat quickly turns into a first class seat for children.


To set up the BedBox:

1. Push the two buttons on the lid inwards while lifting the lid upwards.

2. Take out the mattress, and any other belongings you may need during the flight.

3. Flip the lid upside down and reinsert it onto the BedBox evenly while pressing the buttons.

4. Wrap the arm strap around the bar under the seat, and attach back to the BedBox. Tighten the strap to secure the BedBox during flight.

5. Slide the lid out, place the mattress on top, and attach the side cushions.


Maximum Comfort, Secure Fit

The mattress and soft side panels create a cozy nook for kids to travel in, making it easy to fall asleep or just relax through a movie or game.

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