Nip-Xtender by Cradle Plus | Nipple Puller or Extender for Flat,Shy or Inverted Nipples | Nipple Suckers – Pack of 2 with Case | Latch Assist Nipple Enhancer for Breast Feeding Nursing Mothers

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  • NIPPLE ENHANCER – DRAW OUT FLAT / INVERTED NIPPLES: Suffered with the inverted nipple and tried alot of things with no result, Here is a Great Solution. helpful in enhancing and drawing out the nipple that are flat or Inverted.
  • LATCH ASSIST BREASTFEEDING – MAKE FEEDING EASIER: It will helps the baby in getting a good latch on for Feeding and makes the feeding easier by Enlarging and Enlogating the Nipple temporarily for baby to grasp and establish a good latch.
  • NIPPLE SUCTION: Provides consistent comfortable holding Suction to stay on for up to 60 minutes. Gentle suction on your nipples and surrounding areola, gradually elongates glands underneath.
  • Our Nip-Xtenders are also useful for cosmetic reasons like for nipple piercing or wearing nipple rings. A bigger nipple makes the piercing process easier and less painful
  • COMES WITH A SMALL CASE: A set of 2 pieces includes a small handy carry case for storage to keep them clean, accessible & and safe from losing for your daily use, also can be easily carried while traveling.

Details: As much as some mothers would love to breastfeed their babies, after delivery, they are unable to do so due to latch on difficulties due to flat, Shy or inverted Nipples.

The Cradle Plus Nip-Xtenders provides a non-surgical solution to correct this condition.
If used consistently and frequently, our Nipple corrector provides nipple suction to stretch out the nipple tissue, elongating it and getting it ready for better latching.

Material: Made from food grade silicone, just rub nipple cream or butter of your choice to promote hold

Easy, Quick & Fast Use: Its design is really simple and easy,these nipple clamps can be used with one hand, and it gently draws the nipple out so that baby can latch on and be fed easily.

Easily Wear Under Bra: Due to its small size, They won’t disturb you or affect the appearance and could be easily worn under a bra or under other clothing, If you don’t want them to be seen while wearing them, wear a sports bra with a shirt that isn’t tight fitting. A small amount of thin padding seems to help make less visible

Universal Size – Fits Anyone: It has a universal size that almost fits every nipple. Its beveled edges creates extra holding surface area to adhere to skin, suction strength is adjustable to your comfort level, by how much air you squeeze out of device before wearing. Use in between nursing session to promote greater success at next feeding.

How to Use:

  • To promote good suction, apply to hair free area
  • Lubricate Nipple and areola with lubricant of choice
  • Squeeze out as much air as you like out of supple cups
  • Place over Nipples, and push into skin tissue, before letting go


    • Excellent holding suction due to beveled and larger surface area


  • No Extra Device required
  • Easy to wear
  • Discreet and Painless

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