Pangea Audio DS400 Heavy Duty Speaker Stands (24 Inch)

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  • Heavy-duty all-steel speaker stand
  • All four support piers can be filled with sand or steel shot
  • Adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes
  • Four soft rubberized top pads supplied for speaker isolation
  • Compatible with a wide range of compact or monitor-type speakers

Details: Pangea Audio’s new DS400 speaker stand uses ultra-strong support piers to provide an incredibly solid and rigid base for compact monitors and other bookshelf-type speakers. As always, Pangea provides huge amount of performance for a remarkably low price. Inside a conventional loudspeaker are piston-type drivers that move back and forth to generate sound waves in the air. Most modern speaker cabinets have been engineered to rigidly hold the drivers while adding minimal vibration (coloration) to their sound. Larger, floor-standing speaker cabinets can absorb a lot of this vibration energy. Any excess energy is transmitted by steel spikes into the floor. Smaller cabinets are unable to absorb all this excess energy and require a speaker stand to transfers this excess energy into the floor. You will immediately notice the sonic benefits of Pangea’s adaptation of this construction technique, including improved image focus, low mid-range coloration, and optimal bass performance. Pangea Audio’s DS400 speaker stand features four rectangular steel support piers, forming an amazingly strong rectangular support structure for improved speaker performance. Additionally all four support piers can be filled with sand or steel shot for even better vibration damping. The DS400 speaker stand looks like its predecessor, the DS300, but with two important improvements. First, the DS400 uses two heavy-duty, large-diameter stainless steel bolts to rigidly couple the piers to the base plate. Second, the base plate has also been made heavier and is now 3mm thick with welded channels to support the steel speaker spikes. The Pangea Audio DS400 features a 6″ wide by 8.5″ deep steel top plate to match a wide range of compact or monitor-type speakers and an extra heavy duty, 3mm-thick, 9.75″ by 12″ bottom plate. The DS400 comes complete with adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes.

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