PICKME Mega Creation Box Craft Supplies Set | Arts & Craft All-in-One Organizer Unique 4-Tier Wooden Drawers Box – Full of 125 Different Types of Craft Supplies and Accessories to Take Anywhere

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  • If you craft, you can’t live without our “Creative Box” – For the FIRST TIME EVER, we bring you this unique set of 125 highest quality assorted craft supplies (over 450 individual items) in a large wooden, 4-tier craft organizer box. Whatever your favorite craft, we’ve got you covered and you’ll never run out of your favorite supplies. All this at a price far lower than if you were to buy the products individually.
  • No more searching through hundreds of drawers to find what you need – The variety of crafting accessories in this ready-to-go art center for kids and adults is endless – from different kinds of thread, including fish line, to beads, stickers, papers, tapes, patches, felt balls, pigments, sequins, pipe cleaners, bows, lace, colored pins, wooden pegs and even glue and scissors.
  • Not just a storage box – This entire set is a craft in itself. You get a large unpainted box with 9 drawers – a blank canvas if you will – 17.7 x 13 x 9.85 inches, just waiting for your talented hands to make it into something breathtakingly unique that you can be truly proud of.
  • Take your art supplies organizer box on the road – Yes, this portable organizer allows you to take your craft center wherever you go without fear of losing any of the small bibs and bobs that are so essential to your project. Perfect for preschool teachers, adult educators, going on vacation with the kids and Super Moms in general.
  • The perfect craft kit for kids and adults alike – We all have them among our friends or family. That person who looks at an inane object and knows they are going to make it into something fabulous. Any crafter would be thrilled to receive this amazing gift for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays – It’s original and most of all thoughtful and it’s going to be a best seller at Christmas this year so we recommend buying early.

Details: CREATIVE BOX CRAFTS CENTER – Where everything you need to be creative is in ONE BOX We know you! You’re that person who gets a warm fuzzy feeling as you walk through the doors of your local craft store or when you find a craft store you’ve never seen before. WE ARE YOU! THE FOLDING STORAGE BOX 4-Tiers including 9 drawers full to the brim with colorful and exciting crafting supplies. Even the box itself is part of the creative kit and it’s there for you to put your mark on. Make it original and fabulous! We’d love to see photos. IN THE BOX: You’ll find lots of fun products to take you on a journey of crafting you could only imagine. Under each of these categories, you will find different styles and different sizes for your crafting pleasure. * Threads * Stickers * Crafting papers * Different kinds of Tapes including washi tape * Patches for sewing or sticking * Sparkly felt balls * Pigments * Sequins * Pipe cleaners * Bows * Lace * Colored pins * Wooden pegs * Glue * Scissors USE IT AT HOME OR ON THE GO Just imagine how wonderful it would be to start your crafting project knowing that everything you need is in one handy place. That’s what you get with this amazing craft box. Or, if you are a kindergarten, preschool or first-grade teacher who loves to craft with your students, this is the perfect way of taking your valuable crafting supplies to and fro. QUALITY TIME FOR YOU AND THE KIDS This truly is the stressless way to craft with your kids. Everything in its place at the beginning and the end of the session. The kids will love opening it up and picking their favorite supplies for their very own creation. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PRODUCT BY PICKME You won’t find another craft supplies storage organizer like it, so it is the perfect, original gift for your favorite crafter.

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